Can You Spare 3 Minutes?

Cryotherapy: Burn up to 800 calories per session, have unstoppable energy, kiss stress and anxiety goodbye and achieve pain relief with Cryotherapy from Polar Bare Club.

Thinking of trying Cryotherapy? Dare to bare and freeze yourself to optimal health.

Cryo, short for cryotherapy, is a state of the art therapy using exposure to low temperatures to stimulate your body’s metabolism, boost your immune system, relieve stress and anxiety and slow down the aging process or simply recover from an intense workout.

Imagine stepping into our personalized facility and top of the line cryosauna for up to 3 minutes whereby a cool mist begins to engulf your body in a refreshing and safe manner.

As the temperature drops, your body starts responding to the cold by sending immune boosting and energy producing nutrients that leave you feeling like you’ve never felt before — renewed, refresh and recovered.

club cryotherapy


“Cryotherapy is the perfect remedy for my middle-aged aches and pains endured from my day to day stresses I get from my physically and mentally exhausting job. The burst of extra energy the day of, is a bonus! ”

Customer Name - Maria V