But I Hate The COLD!

Ok, who here would enjoy standing in the middle of the Antarctic, surrounded by snow and ice, wearing only underwear? No one?… That’s what I thought. Humans are made to hate the cold. That’s why we keep inventing ways to keep warm. Fires, jumpers, duvets, insulation, coats, hats, gloves… they are all made to relieve us from the feeling of cold at all times.

So, you may be thinking, “Then why would anyone want to do a cold treatment like Cryotherapy?”. I understand your concerns and the line of your thinking, but Cryotherapy isn’t actually going to make your body cold. It only ever effects the skin’s surface temperature.

If it’s not cold, what is it?

During an ice bath, your body is exposed to freezing cold, iced water, that completely shocks your system and leaves you feeling frozen to the bone. Cryotherapy, on the other hand, is a completely dry treatment. At no point will freezing cold liquids be passed over your body. Whole Body Cryotherapy takes place inside a Cryochamber, where liquid nitrogen vapour is passed over your skin, only ever lowering the surface temperature of your skin, never your core temperature.

By simply lowering the skin’s surface temperature in this way, we trick the body to go into survival mode, without actually causing any damage to your cells whatsoever. Your body will begin pumping more blood and nutrients around your body, and any inflammation or pain you’re experiencing will be greatly reduced. During the Cryotherapy process, your body also produced endorphins, so you’ll actually leave the Cryochamber feeling happy and rejuvenated, not cold and miserable.

Another amazing thing about Whole Body Cryotherapy is that the Cryochamber process only takes 2-3 minutes. Your dedicated, licensed professional will be with you the whole time, talking you through the process and providing a distraction, so the treatment will be over before you can say “Brrr”.

On the other hand, other ‘cold’ treatments, such as ice baths or ice packs, can take much longer. To get even close to the benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy using an ice bath, you would heave to sit in freezing cold water for up to 10 minutes… now that’s cold!

If you think that you can spare 2-3 minutes of your time to reduce pain, inflammation, swelling, and increase your metabolism and overall energy, then book your Cryotherapy treatment with us today HERE.

If you still have a few questions, don’t worry. You can ask us anything, or find out more information HERE.

Is Cryotherapy Painful?

Is Cryo Painful? Would have to be the most commonly asked question. Closely followed by another common statement… “I don’t like the cold”.

The short answer is, no. Whole Body Cryotherapy is not painful at all. Though it’s not uncommon for people to feel a sensation in a part of their body that is in pain, inflamed or perhaps sore from a tough training session.

Cryo can sometimes just be uncomfortable. Especially the first session as it’s such a new and unbelievable concept. The toughest part we’ve found here at Polar Bare Club is our clients’ mindset. Especially our clients’ first session. Most of the time the few minutes prior their treatment is worse than the actual treatment itself. (First timers that is, our regulars nail it every time!) Almost always when we start a three minute -150°C treatment, we’re asked: “is this it?!”

Cryotherapy can be such a strange experience to explain. Your hands are covered in warm woolly mitts. You’ve got thick socks on. Gorgeous Ugg slippers on your feet. Your head pops out of the Cryosauna. You talk to your friends or to the Cryotherapist as normal, yet clearly, our body is cold. It truly is such a hard feeling to articulate.

Not everyone has a hard time giving Cryo a try, whilst some may swear and curse at us (with a beaming smile of course) there are a great number of our amazing clients who don’t even flinch – not a bother at all. It’s truly amazing to see the vast effect it has across all our clients.

Does it get easier with every treatment?

The other great thing about Cryotherapy is that, just like anything we start and stick to, our clients are well and truely acclimatised to the cold and it rarely bothers them. This can take up to 3-6 visits generally, from our experience.

We often have a chuckle with our regulars, when reminiscing on how tough they found their first session, to now how easy and fast their sessions are.

More Questions?

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. There is no such thing as a stupid question. We’re only too happy to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.

A first time Cryotherapy treatment