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Here at Polar Bare Club Cryo we are committed to our clients and their safety. While we are passionate about sourcing the most technologically advanced equipment available on the market, our passion is serving our clients.


Buyers beware! Not all distributors are equal. . . 


After years of research of the latest technology and recovery equipment we couldn’t look past the Juka Cryosauna. The Juka Cryosauna is a single person chamber used for individual sessions of WBC. During a session clients wear minimal protective clothing. The temperature is regulated by the automated system, but can also be adjusted within a range of -110°C to -150°C.

The unit is equiped with an electric lift used to adjust a client’s height in the chamber so that the body is submerged in the hypercooled air up to neck while the head remains above. This enables the client to be in continuous communication with the technician, which improves the client’s overall comfort.

For added safety, the Juka Cryocauna comes standard with with a non-locking pivoting door that can be opened at any time. The unit features a heated ventilating system to minimize moisture residues and to vent out used nitrogen gasiform air. The geometric design of the inner cabin optimizes convection of cryotherapy temperatures for improved session results.

We’ve been lucky enough to experience both Australian distributors, so it’s safe to say we can back up our knowledge with the hands-on experience we’ve had with our own money.


No Franchises available


To offer a Franchise at this time would be a disservice to you and our brands.

There are so many Franchise opportunities already within our industry. While we’d love to spread the word and see more Polar Barer’s peppered around the country we are still new to Cryotherapy and learning everyday.

Here at Polar Bare Club Cryo we can certainly align you with the experts within the industry. We can show you what NOT TO DO so we can help you learn from our mistakes. (and believe us there are a LOT of mistakes to be had!)

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“Cryotherapy is the perfect remedy for my middle-aged aches and pains endured from my day to day stresses I get from my physically and mentally exhausting job. The burst of extra energy the day of, is a bonus! ”

Customer Name - Maria V