We at Polar Bare Club Cryotherapy have scoured the world to deliver the best technology for recovery and beauty needs alike. After serious travel, research and consideration it was unanimous, the Juka Cryosauna was for us!

Distinguished by it’s unique design, the JUKA Cryosauna is the most recognized and trusted product on the market, used by more medical professionals and professional athletes than any other Cryosauna in the world.

The unit is equipped with an electric lift used to adjust a client’s height in the chamber so that the body is submerged in the hypercooled air up to neck while the head remains above. This enables the client to be in continuous communication with the technician, which improves the client’s overall comfort.

For added safety, the Juka Cryocauna comes standard with with a non-locking pivoting door that can be opened at any time. The unit features a heated ventilating system to minimize moisture residues and to vent out used nitrogen gasiform air. The geometric design of the inner cabin optimizes convection of cryotherapy temperatures for improved session results.

A fair warning from Polar Bare Club . . . not all cryotherapy clinics are the same.

At Polar Bare Club, we pride ourselves on a state of the art facility centered around safety, using third party testing for your reassurance. While Cryotherapy, cold therapy, is a safe practice it must be done under the correct supervision of professionals.

We pride ourselves on a genuine commitment to our clients, to help them alleviate unnecessary stresses and pain caused by today’s modern world. Cryotherapy can be a fun, natural and convenient turning point in your health.



Ice. It’s for more than green smoothies.
Polar Bare Club Cryo was established in 2016 by founder Bianca Naylor.

After a fairly serious head-on car accident when Bianca was only 18, she’d been having headaches pretty much consistently for her entire life. Always searching for a solution to her chronic headaches, Bianca eventually stumbled upon Cryotherapy. Her curiosity sparked. The only problem? There were no clinics in Sydney, Australia. So Bianca flew all the way to Vegas to give it a chance. (Also because Vegas is fun. But that’s another story for another day.)

That day in Vegas, Bianca was jet-lagged, bloated from traveling, and had her usual throbbing head pain. But after just 3 minutes in the Cryo chamber, Bianca walked out completely refreshed. Her skin felt tighter, her clothes felt looser, her head pain was GONE. She was shocked that something so simple and quick could make such a huge difference in how she felt.

That’s the reaction most of our clients have too: surprise and delight that such a fast, simple treatment could yield such powerful results.

Needless to say, Bianca was hooked. She wanted more! She also wanted to share this discovery with everyone she knew. So Bianca created Polar Bare Club Cryo, and brought Cryotherapy to hundreds of more health-conscious individuals in the Bondi Junction area. Today, Polar Bare Club serves hundreds of health-conscious individuals, including athletes, performers, and public figures to support them in being their best self, inside and out.

If you’ve never visited our Cryotherapy studio before, click here to book your first session and get started.


Bianca Naylor

Founder & CEO

From nearby Coogee, Bianca’s focus is creating a warm, professional environment for Polar Bare Club clients. She loves helping people feel good, and takes her work seriously (but does it all with a great sense of humour). Bianca stands by doing things differently. “Fitting in” has never been her thing. While some Cryotherapy studios can feel much like an assembly line — Bianca prides herself on making the Polar Bare Club experience more personalised, and making sure every client feels cared for. Her favourite thing about Cryo? “It’s so convenient.” When she’s not administering Cryo treatments or running the team at the clinic, you can find Bianca hanging out with her kids.

Jessica Bancroft

Cryo Technician

Hailing all the way from New York, Jessica is all about health, fitness, and having fun. She loves making clients feel comfortable, even when their buck naked under extreme temperatures! Jessica is bold and inspires Polar Bare Club’s clients to be bold in their regimen and lifestyle as well. She says she loves the initial high of Cryo, plus the boost of energy and mental clarity that lasts even days later. If you’re looking for that boost of bold energy and clarity, look no further.

Olivia Clemson

Cryo Technician

If you come into Polar Bare Club and don’t see Olivia here, you can pretty much bet she’s at the beach. In addition to spending time surfside, Olivia loves helping clients laugh and enjoy their Cryo experience. After all, she says, “you only live once!” Her favorite thing about Cryo is the incredible, restful sleep you get from a session. That’s something you can look forward to, too!

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“Cryotherapy is the perfect remedy for my middle-aged aches and pains endured from my day to day stresses I get from my physically and mentally exhausting job. The burst of extra energy the day of, is a bonus! ”

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